Additive Master Batch

Additive Master Batch

Anti drip MB based on Fluoropolymer system with PE carrier. 

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Grade Key Features / Description Operating Temperature Application Specification Comply Action

ISG-Anti drip-FS 

•Formulated to avoid agglomeration and easy dispersion of anti drip material either in compounding stage or as direct use in compound while extrusion.                                                       
•Highly effective for both halogenated & halogen free mineral filled flame retardant system.

• As anti drip Agent for FR & HFFR Polyolefin compounds.

ISG-Flow Aid 

•Formulated to avoid agglomeration and easy dispersion of mineral fillers at compounding stage of polyolefins.                                                           
• Highly effective flow promoter. Act as both external and internal lubricants for polymers and hence reduce polymer melt viscosity.

• Dispersing agent and flow promotors in compound.

ISG-UV blockers 

•Highly effective for thin wall as well as thin wall section.                                                          
•Suitable for outdoor application of polymers                                                             
• Pass sunlight resistance test for 720 hrs. •UV additive and sunlight resistance for compounds for outdoor application.

• Excellent colour Stability.

ISG-Cure Aid

• Ideal curing promoters for Electron Beam curing & Peroxide curing of Highly filled polymer compounds where high Elongation & tear resistance is preferred                                                                 
• Provide good compression set & ageing properties.

•Curing sensitizers for Polyolefin based compound with peroxide & Electron beam crosslinking .